Apply for an industrial lot

The industrial area of Cagliari offers various opportunities for companies.

The price of industrial lots varies according to zone and, within each zone, according to the site hosting the business initiative.

Business owners wishing to locate their operations in the industrial area should submit a request to the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari with details on the type of company, financial information and a draft map with the position and size of the buildings and plants to be built, in order to designate the best location (download the forms at the bottom of the page).

After the request has been approved by the General Director, the Industrial Consortium will initially issue a free option to buy, valid for 1 month. Within this period, the applicant company must accept the industrial lot allocated by the Consortium and sign the preliminary sale agreement (compromesso di vendita), which has a validity of 6-12 months. This period may be extended by the Consortium if the purchaser provides good reasons. At the signing of the preliminary agreement, the investor must pay 30% of the total price of the industrial lot by way of deposit, which will be deducted from the entire price when the final purchase agreement is executed.

The site will be allocated approximately 15 days after receiving the request. 

Sites can also be acquired on a financial lease basis. In this case, after making arrangements with the Industrial Consortium, the company can contact the lease company financing the initiative.

Renting of sites

It is possible to rent industrial real estate for a maximum period of 24 months, for allocations approved after 25 November 2019 and for renewals of existing contracts approved after that date, while other forms of site allocation, in particular, the terms and conditions of lease-purchase agreements remain unchanged.

In detail, the rent rates for industrial lots and sites owned by the Consortium is as follows:

  • EUR 0.30 per sqm/month for renting property for production activities not entailing the permanent transformation of the land or the construction of immovable structures; the lease may not be renewed and the rent cannot be considered part of a lease to purchase agreement.
  • EUR 0.15 per sqm/month for the lease of areas to be used exclusively for parking cars and vehicles in general or for the storage of goods for use in the production cycle; the lease may be renewed but the rent paid cannot be considered part of a lease to purchase agreement.

Purchase of real estate

Below are the costs of purchasing lots in the industrial zones of Macchiareddu, Elmas and Sarroch; each zone also has special discounted rates:

  • 50% price reduction for lots subject to easements (only for the portion subject to the easement and with total ban on building on those areas except for fencing).
  • 30% price reduction for lots that are in poor conditions due to geomorphological factors.

Prices of lots in the Macchiareddu industrial zone

Approved usePrice per sqm
Industrial activities (sites with soil characterisation carried out by the Industrial Consortium)€ 21.00
Industrial activities (areas NOT characterised by the Consortium, to be characterised at the buyer’s expense)€ 15.00
Landscaped green area€ 25.00
Goods handling and logistics activities€ 15.00
Specific industrial activities (Telecommunications Centre) – “Sa Illetta” locality€ 130.00
Landscaped green area – “Sa Illetta” locality€ 140.00
Industrial/research activities (adjacent to the CACIP Services Centre)established from time to time by the Consortium’s board of directors

Within the industrial zone of Macchiareddu, the Consortium has numerous lots of infrastructure-equipped land for allocation to production companies. The lots are available in various sizes from a minimum of 2,000 sqm. Some lots are bordered by roads on two sides.
The lots are in various positions and can meet the diverse needs of different lines of business.

Incentives for purchasing large lots (Macchiareddu)

Size of lotIncentive
Size of lot for purchase from 10,001 sqm to 20,000 sqm20% reduction on the standard price for that type of land, only for plots from 10,001 sqm
Size of lot for purchase larger than 20,001 sqm30% reduction on the standard price for that type of land, only for plots from 20,001 sqm

Prices of lots in the Elmas industrial zone

Approved usePrice per sqm
Industrial activities€ 47.00
Area services and research activities€ 85.00
Landscaped green area€ 57.00

Prices of lots in the Sarroch industrial zone

Approved usePrice per sqm
Industrial activities (SME area)€ 20.00
Industrial activities (CIM zone, for maintenance companies)€ 21.00

Annexes (download pdf)

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