Our values

We are aware of our responsibility as a key player in the region’s economy and we want to make Sardinia proud of us, through our contribution to economic and social development and our commitment to innovation.
Our dream is to be the architects of an innovative and sustainable future.
We are positively ambitious.

Our values

Focus on the territory and on the public interest
this translates into action to spur local development, in line with the principles of economic and social responsibility.

Respecting and protecting the environment
this means that we minimise the impact of all our activities to preserve the wildlife and plant life in the consortium area with a view to sustainable development.

Customer satisfaction
this is one of the key indicators for measuring the success achieved by the Consortium in the pursuit of its statutory aims.

Transparent and fair relations
we establish relations according to the principles of clarity, fairness and transparency to fully meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

Our keywords

Environment, Sustainability, Services, People, Growth, Knowledge, Skills, Innovation, Future, Transition

Words that describe us

Resilient, Innovators, Considerate, Generous, Open-minded, Visionary, Progressive, Facilitators, Empathetic, Ambitious