Apply for an industrial building

The industrial incubation buildings for rent in the Macchiareddu zone are modular buildings that are leased to companies for the incubation of manufacturing operations or services for industrial companies.

Each building comprises a production area and an office area. The buildings are rented on a “shell basis” meaning that the tenant will have to add the features and equipment needed for their industrial activity, but the building is fully finished from a construction point of view.

When you rent one of our industrial incubation buildings, you will also receive competitively priced logistics services to help reduce the start-up costs of your business.

The lease can be executed according to the needs of the business owner and on a renewable basis, for periods ranging from six months to six years. However, the lease may not exceed twelve years.
The table below shows the monthly rent (net of VAT), for periods up to six years. For periods of more than six years, tenants must pay an additional fee to the Consortium equal to 30% of the base rent in force at the time, in the years (beyond the sixth) in which the lease will be in effect. The rent is updated annually on the basis of the inflation figures provided by ISTAT.

Types of industrial incubation building


Area in sqmRent per sqmTotal rentDiscountTotal discounted rent
606€ 3.50€ 2,121.0020%€ 1,696.80
1,321€ 3.50€ 4,623.5025%€ 3,467.63
1,938€ 3.50€ 6,783.0030%€ 4,748.10
2,036€ 3.50€ 7,126.0030%€ 4,988.20

The “incubated” companies are responsible for covering ordinary maintenance costs of equipment within the land belonging to the incubation building, such as:

  • roads and road signs (including signposts for the company)
  • lighting
  • green areas.
Please note:
The rates shown are effective from 1 July 2019 for all contracts with a duration of at least two years, including existing contracts, provided that the tenant is in good standing with past rent payments or has a plan for the repayment of arrears regularly approved by the Consortium and that the rent is paid by direct debit to the Consortium account.
Three months of defaulted payments, even if not consecutive, during the calendar year will result in the forfeiture of the discount for the entire year.