The Cagliari industrial port

The Cagliari industrial port is an advanced logistic platform at the centre of the Mediterranean.
Its location, its major role in the national and international maritime transport network, the vast territory which it covers, its infrastructure and technology, make the Cagliari International Container Terminal a strategic logistics centre for maritime traffic to and from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Its close integration with the Cagliari Industrial Area, in which it is located, and its fast connections with the metropolitan area of Cagliari and the whole territory of Sardinia make the industrial port system a key component of the island’s economy.

Customs free zone

The entire industrial port is a free zone; an enclosed area within the EU customs territory, where non-Union goods can be introduced free of import duty and taxes, provided they are re-exported to non-EU countries.

The companies operating within the free zone can therefore carry out all their activities, including storage, processing and using, taking advantage of total exemption from import duty and other taxes.

This means companies will be able to import raw materials and semi-finished products, process them into other semi-finished or finished products and ship them to foreign destinations without having to pay any duties or taxes.

Container Terminal

All’interno del sistema portuale industriale svolge un ruolo di spicco il Terminal Container Internazionale di Cagliari concepito come centro tecnologicamente avanzato di smistamento dei container, per soddisfare le necessità degli operatori marittimi.

The Cagliari International Container Terminal is the mainstay of the industrial port system. It is a technologically advanced container handling centre meeting the needs of shipping companies.

The Container Terminal is aligned with the latest trends in world container traffic, which see the use of increasingly larger ships, of the post-panamax type, meeting the modern shipping schedules requiring the best possible sea routes, fast container handling and efficient unloading, loading and distribution equipment.

In March 2021, the company Grendi Trasporti Marittimi S.p.a., which already operated the RO-RO terminal at the industrial port of Cagliari, was granted a four-year concession over a 350-m section of quay in the industrial port and an area behind it of about 8.6 hectares on which the company will build a hub for the import/export activities of local companies, also doubling the size of the warehouse in Cagliari.

In July 2021 the same terminal operator leased 2 quay cranes and 3 yard cranes (RTG) from the Consortium for the same duration as the concession.

In addition to the International Container Terminal, the industrial port system houses: a port terminal, general service areas for the transshipment and port terminal, and areas for services and the public authorities.