Recycling and generating power from the waste of a complex society.

 For over twenty years, the Environmental Platform at Macchiareddu has been recycling organic waste into compost and soil conditioner to enrich and protect the soil.

The organic substances undergo decomposition by microorganisms under controlled aerobic conditions, yielding a biologically stable product with a highly evolved organic component.

A new treatment line

We are currently constructing a new line for processing municipal solid organic waste and garden waste to improve our treatment capacity, with 50,000 t/year of organic waste input. This line will be flanked by the production of biogas and electricity and the reduction of emissions towards zero, in line with the final design and the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA).

The following works are planned for the construction of the new line:

  • Preparation of the site to ensure the continuation of organic waste management activities in the existing treatment line (new area for the temporary storage of maturing compost complete with leachate collection networks);
  • Construction of the industrial buildings for the various processing stages such as unloading, pre-treatment, primary and secondary maturation, refining, storage of the finished product and green storage;
  • Supply of the necessary equipment for the process, such as overhead travelling cranes, machines for the treatment of incoming waste (bag openers, screening machines, shredders, etc.), dry anaerobic digestion section;
  • Exhaust air treatment plant with delivery to the new biofilter;
  • Collection networks for process water (leachate) and rainwater (from yards and roofs) including construction wells and tanks for their treatment and delivery;
  • Supply and installation of a CHP system for the production of electricity from biogas
  • Supply and installation of emergency flare system.

All the works will be carried out without stopping the existing plant, which will still be fully functional.

Waste as a resource

The composting plant, operated by subsidiary Tecnocasic spa, currently has two separate treatment lines: a composting line with a capacity of 49,000 t/year dedicated exclusively to the high-quality organic fraction; and a stabilisation line with a capacity of 24,000 t/year.

Composting line

The composting line of the high-quality organic fraction treats municipal sorted waste, together with garden clippings, to create a high-quality compost. The end product, rich in humus, active microflora and microelements, is suitable for a wide range of agricultural uses, from floriculture to open field horticulture.
High-quality compost can be requested by farms and nurseries or local authorities.

Composting line

Stabilisation line

The stabilisation line treats the organic fraction from the mechanical pre-selection of municipal solid waste delivered to the waste-to-energy plant, yielding a biologically stable product ideal as a covering material for landfills and abandoned quarries.

Tecnocasic spa is an ordinary member of the Italian Composting Consortium (CIC), a non-profit organisation that promotes the recycling of the organic fraction of waste by-products and has the purpose of producing compost and biomethane.

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