We are not only a driver of industrial development but also a high-profile research hub for testing and implementing new ideas; we offer support and investment opportunities in one of the most important and dynamic production centres in Sardinia.

The industrial area of Cagliari is sized in line with the changing location requirements of businesses: they no longer need just basic infrastructure but, above all, advanced secondary infrastructure and an energy plan that meets the environmental sustainability challenge.

Alongside infrastructure management, the core mission of CACIP includes the provision of assistance and support services to companies, both in their choice to locate at the industrial park and in the following phases:

  • assistance for businesses when starting up their industrial activity;
  • support in identifying the optimal site for their industrial activity;
  • specialist consultancy in the drafting of the industrial facility’s final design;
  • assisting in contacts and relations with the other development actors in the territory, government agencies and local authorities;
  • business incubation for both service and manufacturing activities.

How to establish your business in the industrial area

Are you planning to locate your industrial, industrial service or manufacturing business at the industrial park?

In this section (see abstracts and links below) you will find the details of rates and the necessary procedures

For information on the geographical position, infrastructure and services at each zone in the industrial area please visit the WHAT WE DO section of the website.

Apply for an industrial lot

The industrial area of Cagliari offers various location opportunities for companies.

The price of industrial lots varies according to zone and, within each zone, according to the site hosting the business initiative.

Business owners wishing to locate their operations in the industrial area should submit a request to the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari with details on the type of company, financial information and a draft map with the position and size of the buildings and plants to be built, in order to designate the best location.

The site will be allocated approximately 15 days after receiving the request.

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Apply for an industrial incubation building

The industrial incubation buildings for rent in the Macchiareddu zone are modular buildings that are leased to companies for the incubation of manufacturing operations or services for industrial companies.

Each building comprises a production area and an office area. The buildings are rented on a “shell basis” meaning that the tenant will have to add the features and equipment needed for their industrial activity, but the building is fully finished from a construction point of view.

 When you rent one of our industrial incubation buildings, you will also receive competitively priced logistics services to help reduce the start-up costs of your business.

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