Cagliari free zone

We want to make Sardinia proud of us, through our contribution to economic and social development and our commitment to innovation.

Cagliari free zone

The Cagliari free zone is an enclosed zone within the EU customs territory, where non-Union goods can be introduced free of import duty and taxes, provided they are re-exported to non-EU countries.

The companies operating within the free zone can therefore carry out all their activities, including storage, processing and using, taking advantage of total exemption from import duty and other taxes.

This means companies will be able to import raw materials and semi-finished products, process them into other semi-finished or finished products and ship them to foreign destinations without having to pay any duties or taxes.

The management and planning of the customs free zone has been entrusted to the company Zona Franca di Cagliari S.c.p.a. (Cagliari Free Zone) held in equal shares by the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari and the Sardinia Sea Port Authority.

The customs free zone of Cagliari was established in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) no. 2913/1992 and Commission Regulation (EEC) no. 2454/1993.


In December 2020, the Consortium completed the primary infrastructure development works on the first six hectares of the area, close to the eastern quay of the industrial port and its northern basin, which will house the free zone.

A further 20 hectares of the fully equipped area is also immediately available, outside the free area and located between the industrial port quay and State road SS 195.

The infrastructure development works consisted of:

  • building a connecting road between the quay and the port’s perimeter road;
  • water supply and sewage connections and utility services for the lots located to the right and left of the new road, both inside and outside the free zone;
  • installation of street lights powered by solar panels;
  • renovation of the road marking and vertical road signs on all the roads in the area owned by the Consortium.