The Cagliari industrial park

The Cagliari industrial area currently houses more than 420 companies, which together employ about 8,000 people, mainly in the sectors of petrochemistry, basic chemistry, precision mechanics, metalwork, industrial services, manufacturing (woodwork, marble, plastics) and specialised technology.

The Cagliari industrial area offers a number of strategic benefits to the companies establishing their operations here:

  • Attractive location: in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Middle East and on the main sea routes between the Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar;
  • First-rate infrastructure: electrical networks, high-speed broadband communication networks, technologically advanced environmental platform;
  • Excellent transport links: Cagliari-Elmas airport and the International Container Terminal ensure fast and efficient connections with the main international cargo and passenger traffic routes.
  • Highly attractive financial incentives for investors;
  • Customs free zone: located inside the industrial port, it allows companies operating in the area to carry out all international (foreign-to-foreign) import/export operations free from customs duties and taxes;
  • Support services for businesses: from assisting industrial companies in the start-up phase to providing temporary facilities to new industrial initiatives while their industrial plants are under construction.

The integrated system of Cagliari Industrial Park

Since its foundation, the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari has supported the economic and productive development of the local industrial system, by managing the Cagliari Industrial Area. The area is composed of three industrial hubs:Elmas, Macchiareddu and Sarroch, covering a total of 9,244 hectares, designated and equipped according to the Master Plan for the entire industrial area, which the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari manages and provides with primary infrastructure by:

  • Designing and implementing urban infrastructure works and services, as well as public spaces for collective activities;
  • Acquiring areas (including through expropriation) selling, leasing or granting in concession to companies areas equipped for production activities;
  • Constructing and managing common facilities for the provision of services;
  • Constructing and restoring unfurnished industrial incubation facilities and industrial properties, reallocating unused areas for new production activities and to implement industrial redevelopment plans;
  • Repurchasing industrial areas and industrial and artisanal buildings;
  • Calculating and collecting fees due for maintenance works and plant management services;
  • All other functions provided by law to support the development and growth of industrial enterprises.

Over time, the physical infrastructure has been upgraded to meet the changing needs of industrial players, such as the container port, the environmental platform, the industrial incubation facilities and the ICT Hub.

Cagliari Telematic Pole

Cagliari Telematic Pole covers an area of 31.6 hectares and is home to the TISCALI Campus, headquarters of TISCALI S.p.a., which covers an area of 6 hectares.

It is also an ideal location for:

  • Research centres;
  • High-tech goods and services companies in the ICT, telephone and biotechnology sectors;
  • Software companies.

Additional services

The Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari offers, directly and through businesses in the industrial area, a suite of support services for companies based at the Industrial Park:

  • Industrial, chemical and product analysis
  • Scientific and research laboratories
  • Environmental studies and research

Other services on offer include public transport, freight transport and fuel sale. Public security, fire brigade and civil defence services are all guaranteed.