The Macchiareddu industrial zone

The industrial zone of Macchiareddu is served by the industrial port of Cagliari and offers a wide range of industrial services.

It stretches across a plain next to the city of Cagliari and covers an area of 8,242.03 hectares, of which 3,661.27 are occupied by large, small and medium-sized industrial and ancillary services companies.

It has a 35-km internal road network and is well connected to the airport of Cagliari-Elmas, Cagliari and the main road junctions of Sardinia.


The zone has state-of-the-art infrastructure, meeting all the needs of companies already based here and companies seeking an industrial location, including:

  • 35-km internal road network
  • ADSL, broadband, fibre optic telecommunications networks and satellite communications station (teleport)
  • Electricity generation plant powered by the waste-to-energy plant (ENEL) and low, medium and high voltage power lines
  • Environmental platform equipped with plants for drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, waste incineration (waste-to-energy), chemical and physical treatment and deactivation of toxic-hazardous waste, composting and stabilisation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste
  • Utility networks consisting of a drinking water network, industrial water network, stormwater discharge network, sewer network
  • Coastal tank farms for petrochemicals
  • International Container Terminal and close location to airport

CACIP Service Centre

The CACIP Services Centre is located in the Macchiareddu industrial zone. Its services, which are available to all the companies located here, include:

  • Conference room with 240 seats and simultaneous translation system
  • Seminar room with 75 seats
  • Meeting room with 8 seats
  • Office and exhibition spaces
  • Intercompany canteen and bar
  • Multipurpose sports facility
  • ATM