Cagliari Industrial Park

We are not only a driver of industrial development but also a high-profile research hub for testing and implementing new ideas; we offer support and investment opportunities in one of the most important and dynamic production centres in Sardinia.

The original objective to create the conditions at the Industrial Park for setting up and developing industrial, services and research activities has been flanked over time by more ambitious objectives linked to the same mission, which include creating advanced technical infrastructure such as municipal and industrial solid waste disposal plants, waste recycling and special waste processing plants, multifunctional waste treatment and incineration plants, industrial ports, intermodal terminals and logistics platforms, and providing business incubation and support services.

Infrastructure development, which was at the core of CASIC’s original mission, has now taken second place to the provision of assistance and support services to companies, both during their move to the industrial park and in the following stages.
The evolution of CACIP’s mission has also been driven by the changing requirements of businesses for setting up shop here: they no longer need just basic infrastructure but, above all, advanced secondary infrastructure.
Furthermore, in order to support and strengthen local businesses, CACIP provides training and professional guidance through seminars and conferences on issues relevant to companies.

The Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari:

  • We create the conditions for setting up and developing industrial services and research operations.
  • We build technologically-advanced secondary infrastructure.
  • We minimise the impact of municipal and industrial waste processing and disposal operations to protect the environment, especially by turning waste into a resource, promoting the materials and water reuse cycle and energy generation from non-traditional fuels.
  • We provide efficient services to the companies already established at the Park and prospective tenants.
  • We provide technology services to the local area.

To increase our attractiveness with respect to competing industrial parks in Italy and abroad, we have launched a location marketing strategy to raise the profile of Cagliari’s industrial area, tenancy opportunities, the production and economic fabric and the benefits of our location to a national and international audience. Our aim is to boost the local economy by attracting external investments and new companies and supporting the competitiveness of current tenant companies.


The Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari was established in 1961 under the name of Consortium for the Industrial Development Area of Cagliari (CASIC).
In 1991, through Law no. 317 of 5 October 1991, it was turned into a public undertaking.
In November 2008, CASIC was replaced by the Provincial Industrial Consortium of Cagliari (CACIP), established by Regional Law no. 10 of 25 July 2008.
In compliance with the Italian Civil Code, the structure and activities of the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Cagliari are set out in its Articles of Association approved by the Regional Government of Sardinia on 21 July 2003.